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March 2018. About 60 songs are on YouTube now!

January 2017. There are already several of SJT's songs on YouTube. Shortly all songs will be there!

March 2016. A new single, a blues song, is out: "I Do The Wrong Things Right."

November 2015. Three singles are out: "I Like You, You Like Me," "One Note Blues" and "Summer Lightning." You'll find them on the site of CDBaby. Below, almost at the bottom of the page, you'll find the link.

You can also listen to the songs on Spotify and iTunes.

THE GOOGLING STALKER, SJT´s new CD (the fifth), is out, with eleven new songs: 1. The Googling Stalker 2. Mystic Experience 3. Yoshiko (Dai Su Ki) 4. A Dutchman In Las Vegas 5. I Gave Her The Creeps And She Gave Me Hell 6. Let's Have A Picnic 7. Flirting At The Supermarket 8. I've Kept The Blues 9. What If The Stones Had Gone Bald? 10. Kick In The Butt 11. My Neighbor's Woofer

The musicians are: Joan Ter Maten, Winnie Mensink, Mike Mijer, Cajan Witmer, Rinus Groeneveld, Eus Menagé, Han Bavinck, Kees Schadee and Josepha Olsthoorn.

All songs were written by Joan Ter Maten, who also recorded and mixed ten songs. These were recorded on a Tascam DP-01 eight-track hdd recorder in a tiny space at the NDSM-Warf in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and Joan’s tiny kitchen (in Amsterdam). "Yoshiko", in which all instruments were played by Joan and Mike Mijer, was recorded and mixed by Mike at his great tiny studio. (Yes, perhaps the album should have been called TINY.)

The fourth CD by SJT (released in 2004), entitled HONEYMOON ON MARS, has eleven new songs and an old one, the bonustrack "Nightmares", which was recorded for Warner Bros in 1983. You can read an account (shortly in English) of the "ups and downs" of this song in the weblog on this site. The songs were recorded and mixed in six days (in August 2004) at the Yland studio in Amsterdam. The music is "basic": it’s just guitar, bass, drums and piano (in two songs you can also hear a vibraphone and in one song a steel pan). The songs, all written by Joan Ter Maten, are "rootsy"; the music is a mixture of blues, pop, jazz, novelty, rock 'n' roll and, occasionally, a hint of bossa nova (listen to the song "Kissed By A Stranger"). And there is a Christmas song! - "Christmas In 3005".

The first CD by SJT, LEAPS IN THE DARK, also recorded in Amsterdam, was released in 1992 by the Dutch record company Music & Words. There was also a single on vinyl: "You Ruined My Party".

In 1996 the second CD, A BUMPY RIDE, saw the light of day. This album was recorded in San Francisco and produced by Scott Mathews, who a.o. worked with The Beach Boys, Roy Orbison, John Lee Hooker, John Hiatt, Chuck Prophet, Roseanne Cash and Elvis Costello - just to name a few... (visit Scott's website: www.scottmathews.com). Another version of the song "Nightmares" is on this album.

ALONE WITH MY CLONE, released on Snork Records, the label founded by Joan Ter Maten, was SJT's third album. It was well received and had quite some airplay, especially the songs "For A Change", "Italian Summer Rain" and "Alone With My Clone" (in mono!). The music was recorded in several studios in Amsterdam. The song "Caroline" dates from the 1995 session with Scott. In the instrumental "Mood Swings" you can hear a fragment in which SJT's father plays double bass - this fragment was taken from an old recording that was secretly made in 1944 (the Germans, occupying the country at that time, didn't find out about this clandestine recording-session on glass 78 rpm records by these daring boys in the middle of the night).

On this site there are previews of a number of songs (click on 'MP3s'). All songs can be heard on SPOTIFY for free. Downloads are possible on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon and other sites (click on MP3s on this site; there you'll see the iTunes links that will lead you directly to SJT's albums).

If you’d like to order a CD (for 10 euros), and you live in The Netherlands, you can send an e-mail to snork@euronet.nl and the album will be sent to you (no mailing costs). If you live abroad, you can order CDs at www.cdbaby.com (where you'll find much more information about each CD and where there are more songs that you can listen to - click on Links).

If you live in Europe and order all five CDs, the price is 40 euros and you will receive a little bag of SUN-DRIED TOMATOES FOR FREE! If you want to place an order or if you want more information, send an e-mail to: snork@euronet.nl

A few videos were made by Eus Menage and SJT, which can be seen on YouTube: "Cliffhanger", a song from HONEYMOON ON MARS, "Drinking And Drinking And Drinking" from LEAPS IN THE DARK and "In The Studio" from ALONE WITH MY CLONE. More videos will be made shortly!

Send an e-mail to SJT, if you like (snork@euronet.nl). You will definitely get an answer from Mr Tomato himself! Joan Ter Maten is also on Facebook.

Some opinions in the media on SJT's music: * "Utterly pleasing roots-pop" - Billboard Magazine * "Strikingly effective" - OOR * "Perfect music for a summer night" - Aloha * "Well-sung and well-played" - Music Maker * "I like it a lot!" - DJ Abel de Lange (Radio Noord-Holland) * "The music is well thought out... humorous lyrics" - Radio Netherlands Worldwide * "Great songs" (RTV East)


I Like You, You Like Me

One Note Blues

Christmas in 3005

Summer Lightning

I Do the Wrong Things Right


The Googling Stalker

Honeymoon on Mars

Alone with My Clone

A Bumpy Ride

Leaps in the Dark

And why not mention this as well? A novel in verse by Joan Ter Maten, entitled PROFIEL ZOEKT LIEFDE, was published by the publisher IJzer in December 2009. You can find more information about this at www.uitgeverij-ijzer.nl (click on 'links' on this site and you can click on this address). On IJzer's site you can also read about Ter Maten's first novel HOOFDBREKENS EN KOPZORGEN. If you're able to read Dutch (just try it and perhaps you'll understand more than you're assuming now), you can read more about this book when you click on 'in Dutch'.

Ter Maten has written five plays (comedies), which were published by De Toneelcentrale: HET REDDENDE VUUR, WILLEM V, DE BEER IS LOS, OLIVIA EN HOLK and HET PAKKETJE (www.toneelcentrale.nl or www.toneelfonds.be). More information about these plays on these sites.

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