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Leaps In The Dark
Produced by Joan Ter Maten
Released by Music & Words - Dig it! 567911-2

1. You Ruined My Party 2. I Can Hurt You More (Than You Can Hurt Me) 3. Ching-Fa-Ling Likes Lock 'N' Loll' 4. She Whispered His Name 5. Drinking And Drinking And Drinking 6. The Drummer's Girl 7. Her Sweet Revenge 8. She's Disgusting (But I Don't Want To Hear It From You) 9. The Last To Know 10. World Record Making Up 11. Phone You'd Better Ring 12.The Rat In The Pudding 13. Short Circuit Again

A Bumpy Ride
Produced by Scott Mathews
Released by Snork Records
Distributed by Music & Words on the label ICUB4T - CUP 8003

1.Just In time 2. Bedroom Fights 3. She Turned Into A Stranger 4. A Pet Like That 5. The Bear At The Bar 6. Love On The Side 7. Dreamgirls 8. Nightmares 9. She Must Be In Love With Me (A Song About Delusion) 10. She Didn't Wanna Be Around Him Anymore 11. My Baby's Shrink

Alone With My Clone
Produced by Peter Smit and Joan Ter Maten
Released by Snork Records - Snork SN 1003

1. Scary 2. For A change 3. On The Ferry To The Island 4. Mood Swings 5. Igloom 6. Caroline 7. Alone With My Clone 8. Italian Summer Rain 9. Brave New Girl 10. Just One Of Those Dreams 11. The Local Elvis 12. Her Bed & Breakfast 13. In The Studio 14. People Say 15. Back In Her Arms Again

Honeymoon On Mars
Produced by Joan Ter Maten
Released by Snork Records - Snork SN 1004

1. The Woman I Adore Fell In Love With A Man I Hate 2. Kissed By A Stranger 3. Christmas In 3005 4. Spring In Amsterdam 5. My Baby's Tears 6. On That Blue Note 7. I Wish You Were Here 8. Cliffhanger 9. Time For Your Pills! 10. Amsterdam Ditty 11. Some Blues 12. Nightmares

The Googling Stalker
Produced by Joan Ter Maten
Released by Snork Records - Snork SN 1005

1. The Googling Stalker 2. Mystic Experience 3. Yoshiko [Dai Su Ki] 4. A Dutchman In Las Vegas 5. I Gave Her The Creeps And She Gave Me Hell 6. Let's Have A Picnic 7. Flirting At The Supermarket 8. I've Kept The Blues 9. What If The Stones Had Gone Bald? 10. Kick In The Butt 11. My Neighbor's Woofer

backcover  Alone With My Clone

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