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Here are several songs by SJT, including tracks from the new cd 'The Googling Stalker'.

-'Leaps In The Dark' - Her Sweet Revenge
-'Leaps In The Dark' - You Ruined My Party

-'A Bumpy Ride' - Love On The Side
-'A Bumpy Ride' - Just In Time

-'Alone With My Clone' - For A Change
-'Alone With My Clone' - Italian Summer Rain

-'Honeymoon On Mars' - Christmas In 3005
-'Honeymoon On Mars' - Kissed By A Stranger

-'The Googling Stalker' - Yoshiko [Dai Su Ki]
-'The Googling Stalker' - Let's Have A Picnic
-'The Googling Stalker' - I've Kept The Blues
-'The Googling Stalker' - Kick In The Butt
-'The Googling Stalker' - My Neighbor's Woofer

- New MP3's (may 2011) - Yoshiko [Dai su ki]
- New MP3's (may 2011) - Let's Have A Picnic
- New MP3's (may 2011) - I've Kept The Blues
- New MP3's (may 2011) - Kick In The Butt
- New MP3's (may 2011) - My Neighbor's Woofer

It's possible to download all songs at iTunes.
Leaps In The Dark
A Bumpy Ride
Alone With My Clone
Honeymoon On Mars
The Googling Stalker

The lyrics of a number of songs can be found in the weblog.

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